That thrill of scoring the winning goal, or that last-gasp try to shoot the winning basket, or even that push to complete the final lap, all these emotions form an integral part of humanity. In today’s world, an active sports life is nothing short of a luxury. An urban lifestyle lacks two things: time and space. But that is not the case with the lavish flats of the Verde Residences Collection. Here, you have ample space for all the sports-based amenities with an uncompromised sporting experience. Additionally, with all the convenience in place, we manage all the preparation beforehand, so all you have to do is pick a convenient time and get sporty!

Luxury Apartments with room for all the amenities!

We live in a time when people let go of the desire to play sports. When looking for your luxury home, it is natural to assume limitations of space and amenities. There is an unwritten rule that says – a home on the outskirts is rife with amenities, and a home in the city is rife with compromises. However, when it comes to ABIL Group’s luxury properties, you can safely say no to those presuppositions. The Verde Residences Collection is carefully designed to offer unmatched luxury living at a prime location within Pune city.

Luxury Properties with Indoor and Outdoor Sports Zones

ABIL Group’s luxury properties balance modern-day’s necessities with comfortable amenities to offer the best of both worlds in a truly lavish lifestyle experience. Newer homes look attractive only when they have sufficient sporting facilities. By sufficient, we mean both, indoor and outdoor setup. Sports facilities ensure two essential elements of the contemporary lifestyle. One is health and hygiene, and the other is recreation.

At Verde Residences Collection, you are blessed with a state-of-the-art squash court, a swimming pool, a modern play area for kids, an indoor games room, a basketball court, and even a skating rink. Not just this, to allow for a greater fitness benefit, you also have your very own gym on the premises, equipped with the latest gym setup along with steam and sauna rooms.

Through these amenities, Verde Residences Collection not only allows you to engage with your favourite sport to look after your fitness, but they also contribute to the community building among residents. These lavish apartments embody the pivotal lifestyle necessities and fitness essentials for a fulfilled living experience. Why settle in a small apartment surrounded by the busy urban lifestyle when you can enjoy spacious living with all the latest amenities at the Verde Residences Collection?


Here at ABIL Group, we ensure that your lifestyle is an uncompromised experience of luxury, where you enjoy some of the most unimagined amenities, thought to be impossible at the city center. The Verde Residences Collection has become an icon of excellent infrastructure and a remarkable lifestyle, made possible by these fantastic sporting facilities.

Looking to expand your lifestyle? With ABIL Group, you can stop limiting your imagination. So, what’s the wait? Come and step up your game plan at Verde.