At ABIL, Mr. Avinash Bhosale, Founder & Chairman of ABIL Group and Mr. Amit Bhosale, Managing Director of ABIL Group, have dedicated their energy and always aimed at quality, virtuosity and panache. All ABIL projects are a replica of this credo. An alumnus of Les Roches, Switzerland, Mr. Amit Bhosale has deep inclination towards innovation and quality. The company’s commitment to maintaining impeccable standards of excellence and efficiency has made them a large and respected business conglomerate, today. Mr. Avinash Bhosale’s unsurpassed organizational skills, motivation and eye for detail have been critical factors in ABIL GROUP’S success.

Avinash Bhosale Group has business interests in REAL ESTATE, HOSPITALITY & INFRASTRUCTURE.

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Avinash Bhosale

Mr. Avinash Nivrutti Bhosale

Founder & Chairman, ABIL Group

Mr. Avinash Bhosale is the founder of the ABIL Group. His vision, dynamism and astute leadership have led the ABIL Group to become one of today’s leading business conglomerates. His unsurpassed organizational skills, motivation and eye for detail have been critical factors in ABIL’s success. He is well respected and recognized by all in the industry for his achievements.

Avinash Bhosale commands the real estate industry with his dedication, hard work. With his unwavering commitment towards the organization, he has enabled ABIL to be acknowledged with prestigious awards and accolades. He also holds a firm belief in the necessity of sustainable development and the importance of giving back.  In this pursuit, he has dedicated the ABIL Foundation to helping people from all walks of life.

At Verde Residences, Avinash Bhosale has focused his attention on offering luxurious homes nestled in nature’s lap. With an eye for details and aesthetics, he has ensured that the project provides an environment for growth and safety to all its residents.

Since its inception, ABIL Group has worked to create some of Pune’s landmark housing and commercial projects. We have completed various turnkey projects while also delivering unparalleled excellence and customer satisfaction. Verde Residences is one such example of our keen eye and complete dedication.

Amit Bhosale

Mr. Amit Avinash Bhosale

Managing Director, ABIL Group

Mr. Amit Bhosale heads the Real Estate and Hospitality businesses of the ABIL Group, with the ongoing projects in Mumbai, Pune, Goa & Nagpur. Thoroughly professional, extremely dynamic and bold by nature, he believes in staying ahead of the business curve. He not only keeps up with current trends in the industry but also keeps a close watch on future opportunities. He drives the innovation and employee participation initiatives of the business.



Mr. Raj Bhansali is the representative of Clover Builders. Clover Builders have risen majestically. It effortlessly distinguishes itself from the rest of the residential and commercial projects in Pune city. It has not only successfully delivered 7 million square feet of residential and commercial real estate over the last 35 years but is currently having 3 million square feet projects under development across Pune city.

Clover Builders maintains a corporate philosophy of being ‘Simply Years Ahead’ and always had a vision to be ahead in quality, design, creation and living. All their creations are a rare combination of luxury and affordability.



Mr. Javed Tapia and Mr. Azim Tapia are the representatives of Clover Realty LLP. Clover Realty is a pioneer in developing residential and commercial projects. It not only defines the standards for the real estate industry but also draws a record of over 40 years. It is today, one of the leading developers in India.

The Clover Realty portfolio comprises of over 20 million square feet of completed residential, commercial and retail spaces including prestigious projects in Pune, Mumbai, Lonavala, Khandala and Alibaug. Ongoing and proposed projects span over 5 million square feet.


Stephane Lesserre
Principle Architect

The development consists of 3 buildings staggered along an axis that gives a strong direction to the massing. This axis was set in such a way that all the living areas and master bedrooms can face a green open space and the sunset. Since the towers form an angle with the main roads, it creates a dynamic experience as the character of the development will change depending from where we look at it”.


With a fifty-eight year legacy of achievement in the built environment, B+H is an award-winning full-service architecture and design firm recognized for the delivery of sustainable design, problem-solving and construction administration skills to large-scale, technically complex projects around the world.

The firm’s reputation for award-winning design leadership is based on principles of sustainability, innovation and practical design solutions. Known for an aptitude with scale and complexity, the firm is currently managing nearly nine million square meters of construction totalling almost $8 billion.


Under Unolai Design Group, Unolai Lighting Design is an international lighting company providing professional architectural lighting design with a focus on the Asian market. Established in 2005, in New York, Unolai Lighting Design has subsidiaries in New York, Shanghai, Taipei, and Hong- Kong. Both Taipei and Shanghai branches have in-house professional lighting design teams, with projects in major cities across Asia including; Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, Dalian, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur among others.

As the only professional lighting design company in China with a completed qualification from the International Association of Lighting, Unolai Lighting Design is committed to providing professional design and consulting services domestically independent to lamp fixtures, trade, and engineering. Customers receive lighting consultancy services intended to improve the overall quality of their visual environment. It is our mission and philosophy to introduce international lighting design standards and concepts to China’s cities and integrate the country’s unique into our specific, pragmatic practices and projects.

In 2011, Unolai Lighting Design is awarded the “Outstanding Lighting Design” from Yangon media competition in the lighting industry; in the same year, “China Airlines headquarters Complex in Taoyuan, Taiwan” project won Award of Merit of 2011 IES (Illuminating Engineering Society of the United States).

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