Through Verde Residence, we have brought international luxury standards to your day-to-day living. Our team has gone all out to offer residents exceptional community building and socializing opportunities, without having to take themselves off from the residential spaces.

Luxurious Fitness & Wellness Amenities

At Verde Residence, we provide amenities of the first order to complement the energy of our high-spirited residents. Some of our crème de la crème amenities include fully equipped gyms to empower residents with essential appurtenances and instruments that enable them to stay fit, feel fresh, and connect with the commonality. Our temperature-controlled swimming pools give pro swimmers, aspiring natators, and aquatic therapy seekers a window to carry out their swimming schedule, as per their respective prearrangements, without having to worry about extreme temperatures. Expect to see an extensive kids’ play area EPDM to help your little ones make the most of their play hours, make more friends, and more memories.

We acknowledge the desire for calming steam and sauna after a vexatious meeting, a wearisome day at work, or after a high-octane workout session. Thus, we offer Steam and Sauna areas that are dedicated separately for men and women, to accord them the scope of having a relaxing time to feel rejuvenated.

Pet-Friendly Amenities Around Lavish Apartments

We know how much your pets mean to you, and we have made every effort to add comfort to your furry friends’ lives. Our team has put dedicated pet zones in place with exceptional facilities so that pets get amusing experiences and the pet parents get to spend some quality time with their furry friends.

Enormous Recreation Room

At Verde Residence, you can expect to find lavish homes coupled with a beautifully designed all-inclusive recreation room that is custom-made to suit all your hobnob needs. It consists of a pool table, a foosball table, a table tennis court, and a mega-seating along with a movie projector, that can give a theatrical feel to your movie nights. The games room has proliferated the horizons of interacting and building a community culture within diversified social groups.

Our exceptional banquet with a functional kitchen, high-class meeting room, unequaled beverage bar counter, and distinguished concierge desk all add to a quality community culture.

Incredible Connectivity

Our luxury apartments are located at the heart of Pune city. We are just 5.7 kilometers away from Pune International Airport and 6.3 kilometers away from Pune Railway Station. Prime locations like Shivaji Nagar, Deccan Gymkhana, and Pune University are all within a radius of 10 kilometers from your lavish homes. Multiple trusted hospitals, top-notch schools, top-of-the-range malls, and the finest hotels are located very close to the apartments. All-in-all, Verde Residence’s central location depicts the significance given to the prospect of connecting and socializing with the far-reaching community.

Secured Living, Secured Community Culture

Your safety and security are Verde Residence’s ultimate promise. Amidst the grueling and constricted social situations like lockdown, we have taken utmost care to provide safe zones for social and communal interactions. So, even during such restricted times, our vibrant and affable beings could spend quality community time stress-free.

At Verde Residence, we truly celebrate our variant community culture and offer great scope and facilities to build up social activities.