From the crescent moon turning from one position to another, to curbing the observance of the sun for a specific period, one cannot disagree with the impact of astrological beliefs in our lives either in form of direct belief or by the influence of close ones in life. DISHA (direction), TITHI (time), MUHURAT (auspicious moment), VASTU (space arrangement) – have always been a home buyer’s chart before grading into a new home. It is important that these criteria are met before stepping into a new living.

Muhurtas of all hold high value for most of the home buyers while buying a house. The auspicious timings that fall in a day or on a day which are believed to be Shubh (good) entail a good beginning for that journey.

Why do home buyers check muhurtas?

Buying a home is also an important decision to make. Once made, a home buyer wants to cover all the aspects that will likely have a positive sway over their living in that home. For tasks like vastu registration or property purchase, not following a muhurat and allowing an inauspicious beginning is a big risk for home buyers with astrological beliefs. This is why muhurats play an important role in the home buying process.

The Hindu Vedic Scriptures inscribe vedic muhurat that have come to hold great significance based on the astromancy of making/starting a new deal or deed like buying of a house. The successful embarking of this new ride in one’s life is believed to be maximized in case the beginning is inaugurated in a shubh muhurat. The initiation of activity as that of buying a house being done in the right muhurat is followed by a fortunate path ahead after the initiation. There are different muhurats for performing different activities. Likewise, there is a muhurat for property purchase as well. These muhurats are consulted for performing important utilities and are believed to have a positive influence over the coming affair.

Having said that, muhurats are not only an affair practiced by home buyers but real estate developers also cautiously follow while building an infrastructure. Such is the radiant energy that follows in the homes built thereafter. Verde Residential Collection built by ABIL Group in Pune is a panicle of auspicious homes that radiate positive energy, are suitable for the science of environment, and offer holistic living.

You know how certain homes just flow with energy and you feel the good vibes there, that’s exactly what a resident at Verde Residential Collection gets to live with. The most ideal rooms that let you heal, give you the space you need, and live your life voraciously are what homes here are made of. Ample ventilation, recreational facilities, and large spaces allow a person to witness the prestigious beginning that a home buyer looks for.

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