How do you prioritize between your work and your family? In today’s scenario, it is almost impossible to imagine a luxurious apartment close enough to your corporate workspace to give justifiable time to your family or to your work. But the modern man has redefined his outlook towards luxury residential apartments and with that, the residential property development companies too have repositioned their project specifications to adhere to these growing demands. To address the modern man’s requirements, ABIL Group Pune launches the Verde Residences project, a premium residential property in Pune with a central idea of providing coworking space and a hygienic corporate experience. The property strikes a good balance between luxurious living and comfortable workspace. 

Apartment Buildings with Amazing Coworking Spaces

As the start-ups mount, coworking spaces are a highly sought out property. The premium residential towers of Verde Residences are designed to offer a comfortable working environment in the cafeteria and soon, will launch its very own co-working space within the premises. Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and comfortable seating, the project is underway in response to the growing demand for these arrangements. The facility of a coworking space alongside the amenities of luxurious apartments is unique to Pune’s Verde Residences. 

Privileges to Relax and Rejuvenate

A luxury residential property is not all about having a comfortable working space but also being able to let-loose and refresh before getting back to your hustle. Verde Residencies looks about your well-being with clean and stylish recreational amenities to keep your mind rejuvenated throughout. The luxury residential property boasts of having a spa, meditation room and yoga zones so you can find ample opportunities to relax your nerves after a long and exhausting day.

Workspaces for all

Whether you come from a highly professional organization and want a smart and private workspace, or you are running a budding start-up and looking for a well-connected, open-communication setup, they have it all. Their luxury residential properties are prepared for every demand, and with only one goal in mind: to serve you to the best of their capacity. 


So how do they achieve their goal to serve you better? ABIL Group’s residential properties and the upcoming coworking space are aligned with the modern man’s needs to stay rejuvenated, hygienic and motivated. Equipped with a games room, pool, juice bar, BBQ area, lounge, herb garden and so much more, the Verde Residences is an ideal spot for the workaholic as well as the family man in you.

Our Preferred Partners

With the state-of-the-art set up, it is equally important to have expert partners to extend the utility of their spaces. ABIL Group has strong ties with the hospitality industry and partners only with the best in the business who vouch to share their vision. To safeguard your interests and deliver on their promise, ABIL Group’s luxurious apartments at Verde Residences have top-notch hospitality and interior design partners. 

With a smart amalgamation that considers luxury ambience, smooth facilitation and recreation, the coworking project and the luxury residential property of ABIL Group prove their steadfast loyalty towards servitude.