2020 has not been the ideal year for people across the globe. Starting with the pandemic, followed by the lockdown and the eventual disruption of economic sectors including the real estate markets, especially in India. But, you know how there is a yin to every yang? The current scenario is the yang for onlooking home-buyers!

Families and tenants have realised the value of owning homes and the need for a safe and stable space to dwell. Homeowners face the need for more space and privacy. The months of shut down and loss have only urged people to look out for space that adds ease to living, and also fits their pocket. Here is the bright side of this entire endeavour, for which people are rushing to buy homes!

It is the reformed policies, various offers and concessions, slash in prices and, in all a highly opportunist environment for you to find your dream home. Striding this opportunity of a stable ‘buyers market’ people all over Maharashtra are rushing to buy their own homes.

Are you still wondering whether or not to book luxurious homes in Pune or another metropolis?

Here is a list of reasons why others are embarking on this golden opportunity, and you must not
miss out on it!

    1. Record Low Rates!

      The latest news on the reduced stamp duty that is seen at just 2% for a period till December 2020. Accompanied by low-interest rates on home loans which have recorded to be the lowest in the past 15 years has effectively reduced the costing for people buying homes in this period.

    2. Exclusive Offers

      The big developers and real estate tycoons are offering exclusive deals and offers that enable people to register and purchase their dream homes. Many realtors have offered a 0% stamp duty, flexible payment plans and subversion schemes as research shows that have encouraged home-buyers to action.

    3. Bigger, Safer & Uncompromised Lifestyle!

      It is not a surprise that after living in the times of a pandemic with no solution than to stay at home, people are looking for better, bigger, safer homes. The added benefits of premium amenities and space as found in many Pune luxury homes such as Verde at Kalyani Nagar are the choicest picks for the people buying homes in Maharashtra. Surveys show a whopping 15% increase in house research this year. The monetary benefits and offers on the table have made house shopping a trend for the last three months of 2020.

Attributing to all the factors mentioned above, the demand for homes is at an all-time high. To upgrade and dwell in spacious homes, with convenient locations and facilities that enhance lifestyle indoors as well as within the gated compound. People are rushing to pick and happily live in their version of a dream home. Surveys show us an increase in registrations that are at par
with the pre-COVID times.

So, if you’re living in the dilemma of whether to buy your dream home? You have all that you need to hurry and grab the chance to call a luxury apartment your home.