Has your life been spiraling out of control?
That’s not a coincidence, but probably because of ‘Mercury Retrograde.’
A couple of times a year, the planet Mercury moves in the opposite direction to the sun, also known as Mercury Retrograde.

But how does this affect you?
Well, for those who are astrologically inclined, Mercury is said to rule communication. So, when it is in retrograde, it causes frequent misunderstandings, which leads to unprecedented, frustration, and stress.
So, when you have nothing in control, here’s something that you can do, to solace your soul, and create a peaceful space at home.

Here, with personalized tips for every star sign, to create zodiac houses, perfectly aligned to your zodiac sign.

Aries– Vibrant Colours are just what you need to uplift your fiery spirits. Decorate your room with positive mementos, and with trinkets that motivate and inspire your soul. Let the splash of vibrant hues take away your present blues.

Taurus– To calm your mind and nourish your soul, you need everything royale, with earthen browns and neutral tones.
Deeply comfortable couches, a canvas to showcase your taste, aesthetically hang some reminiscing old photographs, will do the trick to transform your space.
Follow these tips to appease your soul and create a comforting space with zen-inspired decor. 

Gemini– This twin-sign loves to socialize, and has fabulous taste.
The use of contemporary styles of light, hi-tech electronic gadgets, prints with soothing colors of teal, lavender, and pink will capture your vibe just right. All this will zen your home, according to your sign.

Cancer– Surround yourself with shimmering hues of silver, pale blues, and whites. Comfort your soul with happy thoughts and by hanging frames around your home with a comforting, gleeful vibe.

Leo– As bold as the lion and sensitive as the prey, Leo’s should include objects that highlight your strength. Let your exotic taste inspire you, use bold gold accents with deep twirling hues, declutter your space, and expand your room. Big Windows, and open spaces, help you evoke a sense of calm and tranquility in all spaces.

Virgo – If nobody is perfect, have you met a Virgo yet?
Known for their charm, and to bloom in clean, organized spaces.
All you need to cater to your senses, is a simple-minimalist decor, with a fusion of light grey. Also, refreshing pots of technicolor pop to brighten all of your space.

Libra– Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Libras need style, poise, and elegance, to uplift their spaces and minds.
For zen home decor, all you need is a balanced color spectrum of pastels, elegant and symmetrical designs, a gentle brush to declutter your space, and rightly decorate in alignment with your sign.

Scorpio– A Scorpio sign craves textures with colors that vary from neutral to vibrant shades. To find the perfect fit for you, use it in combination, with soothing furniture, premium quality lights, a textured throw, and bedding, to ease your mind.

Sagittarius– For a Sagittarius, the best way to create a comforting space is by bringing the outdoors in! Succulents, plants and fragrant flowers are all it takes to nurture your senses.
Curate a collection of artifacts, old, bold, and vintage that will perfectly complement all of your senses.

Capricorn– A Capricorn likes everything simple and classy.
Using grandfather clocks, bold leather couches, and elegant wooden artifacts are what creates a comforting space for you. Add colors that you favor, but avoid dark hues as they can affect your fervor.

Aquarius – Cozy is not in the directory of a futuristic and ultra-modern Aquarius sign. With impeccably refined taste and bold artistic views.
Add rich colors of indigo, violet, salmon, and blue. Hang your art across your home and enliven every space. That’s it, that’s all you need to create a zen space.

Pisces– Deeply connected to the soul and always in search of a cocooned space for some peace. A Pisces sign can soothe your space with a touch of serene hues like lilac, sea green, and enchanting nature views. Make sure your home is spacious and airy, to nurture your imagination with a dedicated space to meditate and explore your visions of peace and glory.

This trend of decorating homes according to the zodiac is now accelerating, as more and more people need spaces that complement their sensibilities. Many flats near Viman Nagar Pune and other posh localities have already begun using zen-inspired decor to create the perfect, comforting and secure abode. So, use these simple tips to redecorate your space inspired by your stars, and to appease your taste.