The pandemic has created conflux between “luxurious real estate” and “quality of life.” The spaces we live in and, what we demand of them, stand to remain altered forever. The demand for cozy homes that incorporate workspaces is rising with the potential new constant, work from home (“WFH”). People also want added facilities such as gyms and yoga rooms to fully autonomous gated communities.

The real estate in Pune has experienced a noticeable housing shift in the past few years. The revised reforms, technological advancements, and transforming developments have modified modern buyers’ preferences and real estate tastes. This noticeable shift has encouraged builders to move from traditional housing to high-quality feature homes. More time is spent developing homes’ design, quality, architecture, appeal, and overall innovation.


Luxury flats in Pune come with a wide range of amenities. They can make our lives cozy and pleasant than we could ever imagine. The amenities at Verde Residences are free for its residents to use. However, as the residents utilize the extras, you must pay a nominal annual or monthly for their upkeep. At Lifestyle Housing, our luxury apartments come with 20+ premium and full-scale amenities like

  • Swimming pool with kids pool
  • Air-conditioned, Fully equipped gym
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Movie screening hall
  • Ample car parking spaces
  • Vehicle free Play area for children’s
  • Seating areas for the elderly
  • Walking pathway
  • Direct gas line to the kitchens
  • Uninterrupted power and water supply
  • Water treatment plant
  • 24×7 Security and CCTV surveillance
  • Video controlled access to the apartment

Secure Lifestyle

Investment in a luxury lifestyle comes with the additional advantages of a secure way of life. Our family’s safety takes the highest priority, and Luxury Lifestyle Housing offers the best security features there are. There are

  • Security staff guarding the premises 24×7
  • High-end CCTV coverage of all the community area
  • Generous lighting for safe access to common area
  • Restricted entrance for people other than residents
  • Records of all vehicle movement in and out of the gated society
  • Fire safety equipment accessible in all regions
  • Appropriate safety measures

You can live an opulent lifestyle, comfortable in the thought that your family is safe. You cannot expect this kind of safety and security in mid-size residences and individual homes.

Self-Contained Community

The increased living standards and high amenities requirements are the deciding factors that can be convincing while buying your home. Along with the modern spaces, we also need a self- contained gated community with many facilities around us.

In this ever-changing culture, these amenities are, in fact, necessities. Having these facilities at your residency is an add-on convenience offered by luxury apartments.

At Verde Residences, we have luxury apartments that can genuinely help you upgrade to a luxury lifestyle. In simple words, with a home at Verde Residences, you will receive fantastic architecture, community living, and a safe environment. It is truly a perfect blend of luxury, community, and relaxation.

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