The most underrated factor when buying a home is the location. Buying a home is usually based only on the house itself. The area isn’t considered, and that could be a mistake. The size, feel and look of a home can change, negotiate prices, but the location is the one thing you can’t adjust. That location is either suitable for you, or it is wrong, no middle ground. 

Supply and demand is the equation for real estate appreciation. Housing projects at great locations in the city are rare. A good location shapes desirability; desirability generates demand, and demand raises the real estate prices. An airport in the nearby locality boosts the capital values of commercial and residential properties in the neighbourhood. 

Advantage of Location: 

A luxury home near the airport area can be helpful for a frequent flier. The neighbourhoods encompassing airports are well connected to the city centre with well-planned roads, flyovers, freeways and expressways. City transportation is also available around the clock. Availability of an airport is the biggest attraction for a group of corporates, delegates, Non-Resident Indians(NRI), and High-net-worth individuals to invest in. ABIL Group’s Verde Residency project is at a prime location. Offering you wide accessibility, moving around the city, leaving the city and reaching Pune airport is very convenient.

Neighbourhood Growth: 

Airports in India are becoming a high growth zone. The sound infrastructure draws a better crowd. Airport connectivity improves the neighbourhoods in its proximity. Usual fliers, NRIs, and HNI’s occupy these parts; hence, the lifestyle in these areas is vibrant. 

Luxurious homes connecting to the airport area will support an affluent lifestyle. Projects like Verde Residency are defining the luxury and culture in the Pune airport vicinity. 

Quality lifestyle: 

Closeness to the airport gives a boost to the realty development in its proximity. The areas develop as a commercial destination, with new malls, schools, retail outlets, and restaurants. With luxurious homes, ABIL Group offers top-notch amenities such as a spa, community centre, swimming pool, gym, Sauna room. 

Future opportunities: 

Developers recognise the properties near the airport as a prime spot. Notable corporate companies move within 10 kilometres of the airport for good mobility. Three to five-star hotels surround the close proximities. This development brings many employment opportunities. 

All the above are benefits of buying a luxurious home with connectivity to the airport. Verde Residency by ABIL Group(Amit Bhosale) is the project that lives up to all your expectations, from luxury homes to top-notch amenities. 

Increase your connectivity by being a part of Verde Residences. Buy your dream home, get ultra-luxurious 3 & 4 BHK residences at Kalyani Nagar. 

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