How important are your early childhood memories?

Let’s just say your childhood memories map a blueprint for your future. It shapes your world & makes you the person you are today.

In the 21st century, with rampant population increase, many upcoming real estate projects focus on vertical structure and housing. There is a pivot in the industry with increasing interest in providing homes to families, neglecting the essential need for space to play and socialize for children. This is detrimental to the growth of any child as interpersonal relationships diminish and dependency on digital connections increase.

Acknowledging the Health Benefits of a Happy Childhood, leading real estate organizations like the ABIL Group to continue to prioritize both housing & building early childhood facilitiesa luxury everyone deserves.

Look at how one of their premium properties in Kalyani Nagar offers the best of all worlds to its residents. A project that gives importance to the health & well-being of the older residents and the little guests with amenities that make childhood better & brighter at Verde.

A Safe Haven to Let Go & Play

When it comes to the main elements for growth in a child, mainly physical health & emotional wellbeing—the playground is where the learning happens!

Whether the child is cooped up in a 3 bhk luxury apartment in Pune or a 1 BHK flat, without a ground to play and socialize, the child remains uninspired & alone.

Building early childhood facilities like Kids Play Area with Rubberized Floor, security for children to play and mingle without worry; provide the ground for them to observe & learn attributes that shape their personalities. They pick up on social etiquettes and norms, understand how to build interpersonal relations with society beyond family, learn by falling & create memories of laughter & love. After all, the healthiest adults find their roots within the memory lane of a happy childhood. This is what Verde promotes for a healthier youth.

Dive into a Pool of Activities

Childhood is all about fun & play—Verde prioritises just that. The property is adorned with activity zones and designated spaces like Kids Pool, Games Room, Toddlers Activity Station & Squash Room that provide our youngest to oldest minors a healthy outlet to set goals, challenges & more. Besides the common amenities, Verde extends its mission by designing the most spacious 3 bhk luxury apartments in Pune that allow enough room to run wild & play.

To entertain & bemuse every resident, Verde hosts a Private Screening Room that allows for kids movie nights & gatherings within the safety & security of the gated community.

These are some of the amenities that make childhood better & nurture the child within each of us. As one of the leading luxury properties in Kalyani Nagar, Verde remains the safest bet to create a happy childhood for your children & a joyful lifestyle every day.